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Making New Friends

by Alumni Posts on September 27, 2013

in Campus Community,College Life,New & Future Students

In all honesty I was scared to come to Fontbonne. Don’t get me wrong I was really excited too, but also scared. I was coming from a town in central Illinois that is significantly smaller then St. Louis. My friends were all going to colleges where at least one if not more people from my high school were also going. I was coming to Fontbonne as the only person from my graduating class. That is what scared me, not knowing anybody. I am awkward and very uncomfortable when meeting new people. I was not looking forward to having to start making friends all over again.
It turned out making new friends was not that bad. It was actually fun to meet new people. Especially in the dorm atmosphere. You just walk down the hall and stay “Hi” to whoever has their door open. I have made friends with someone who has lived in a town thirty minutes from me my whole life, someone from Iowa, and then commuters who live in the St. Louis area. We all enjoy hanging out together and we help each other with homework. It’s a good feeling to have friends at college and back home.

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