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The Best Fontbonne Experience

by Alumni Posts on September 27, 2013

in College Life,In Saint Louis

This is my 6th week here at Fontbonne and there are way too many things that have happened and been highlights thus far. But, if I had to choose one experience that has been above and beyond awesome I think I’ll go with the Forest Park Balloon glow and race that took place this past weekend. I had the wonderful opportunity to be on the balloon ground crew so I got to help set the balloon up. It may not sound like fun at all but it really didn’t feel like work. I got to stay at the festivities all day on both Friday and Saturday and saw so many Hot air balloons! I’ve always loved hot air balloons (and my dream is still to go up for a ride in one someday) but I’d never seen one up close until Friday at the glow.
Basically the balloon glow is when all the race participants set up their balloons the night before the race and show them all off. It’s kind of like a costume parade but with hot air balloons. They wait until evening when it’s dark and then inflate the balloons so that they are all still on the ground but look as though they could take off at any moment. It’s called a glow because when the pilot lights the fire up to keep the balloon in the air, their entire thing lights up! And let me tell you, seeing 70 hot air balloons glowing at the same time is pretty darn magnificent. The actual race wasn’t quite as amazing – at least this year – because we were unable to launch the Fontbonne balloon due the bad, windy weather. Honestly though, I didn’t really mind that because the balloons were still glorious! Being as I’m from out of state I had never been to the hot air balloon glow or race and I didn’t know what to expect at all. But wow, I am glad I went and I hope to come back every year to see it again!

The Forest Park Hot Air Balloon Glow

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