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It’s College

by Alumni Posts on September 23, 2013

in Academics

Freeeedommm!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yell inside my head as my parents are pulling up to my dorm. No more rules, no more regulations, I can do what I want. Byeee mom and dad! I smile and grin as I carry my things up to my new dorm and I can’t seem to move fast enough…

*First day*

Ahh! I look around the room and I realize that this is actually real! I’m on my own now and it feels GREAT!!!!! …

*Weeks later*

O my Gosh! I have a PSY 101 test that I have not studied for yet and the test is tomorrow. I shouldn’t have waited to study the night before. I grab my friends and force them to help me study. I try and cram everything in and it isn’t working!!! The more I study, the LESS information is sticking to my brain. I can’t fail my first test that just wouldn’t look good. I try my hardest to remember what the teacher said in class but it’s not sticking to my brain! It’s bad enough that I’m getting tired… Next thing I know, I’m dozing off in my bed…. BUZZZZ!!!! I turn to look at my alarm, O my goodness… I slept the whole night away! The time is 9:33 a.m.; my class starts at 9:30 a.m.!!! MOM! DAD!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!??????

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