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Birthday Weekend was a Success!

by Alumni Posts on September 30, 2013

in College Life,Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

Over the weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday. Of course Taylor Swifts song entitled “22” was stuck in my head all day long. My birthday was on Friday. Me and two of my friends went to the last preseason Blues game. It was a lot of fun and also it was my friends first hockey game. I am so excited for the actual season to start. After that we spent the night away downtown and we finished the night at Ihop. Which kind of fit the lyric, “breakfast at midnight”. Finally went to bed around 3am. On Saturday I spent the day with my family. We had lunch at the loop and later that night had a family party. I had a lot of desserts. Then on Sunday I went to the Cards/Cubs game. It was the 50th anniversary of Stan “The Man” last regular season game. I thought that was pretty interesting. Also, interesting to see how we, Cardinal nation comes together.

This past Thursday before my birthday I bought a birthday present for myself. Before my night class started I got an email that said the Blues were adding more games to student nights. I saw what I have been wanting to see. So, now I finally get to see my Chicago Blackhawks on October 9th!!! I may not be a Cubs fan but my Chicago pride is within my Blackhawks and Bears.

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Brittany October 1, 2013 at 6:06 pm

Love this! Its awesome to hear that others are die heart hockey fans as well as myself. However, the St. Louis Blues is my favorite team! Chicago is an amazing city and I hope to live their someday.

Corie October 3, 2013 at 8:45 am

Thank you! I love hockey!! I will admit that the Blues are the reason for that. Im going to the game tonight. I CANNOT WAIT! Chicago is a pretty city. I visit when I can.

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