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Back to School, if Only for a Day

by Alumni Posts on July 22, 2013

in Campus Community,College Life

To top off what feels like the craziest two weeks I think I’ve ever had in one summer, I had a long list of things to do today. One of those items meant coming back to Fontbonne for the day. It was nice to be back, but a little scary thinking that I’ll be back there for the fall semester in less than a month. Move-in day will be here before I know it!

This morning my sister and I left for the big city of St. Louis. Numerous birthdays are about to occur in our family, so the first stop was the Galleria for some presents. It was a crowded day at the mall, but we both are happy with what we came home with. I myself am a bargain shopper, and I got some good deals! I can’t lie and say I didn’t pick up a couple items for myself. Who wouldn’t?

After the Galleria, I gave my sister directions to a place for lunch and the zoo. She doesn’t know her way around, therefore I was a little worried leaving her to navigate for herself, but I had important things to do. She dropped me off at Fontbonne. This week they held a leadership conference for high school students, and admissions needed some ambassadors to give group tours today. All decked out in my Fontbonne gear, I gave a campus tour to about ten students. It was hot today to say the least, and I know they were all dying to get back indoors, but I think a couple of them actually enjoyed seeing and hearing about the university. I love giving tours and being a part of Fontbonne Student Ambassadors, so I was happy to spend a little time in the heat.

Being back and seeing other students made me realize how soon it is before I’ll be moving in. It’s crazy to think that this time next month I’ll have had my first day of junior year already. How nerve-wracking! Now I’m left to worry about all the things I have to do until then, and try to enjoy the rest of my summer before it gets too late.

A little more shopping occurred on our way home, but we almost didn’t make it. A massive thunderstorm threatened to take us off the road. My sister has a hard enough time driving in the night, and a torrential downpour didn’t help at all. Tons of cars where pulling off the road, but I coaxed her from the passenger side to keep driving. We made it home to find the power was out, and five hours later it just came back on!  I sure am ready to tuck myself into bed and call it a night, but there are a couple things left on my list for today.

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