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The Muny

by Alumni Posts on July 22, 2013

in In Saint Louis

I have a “To Do List” for St. Louis. One of them is attending The Muny at Forest Park during the summer time.

The Muny, the Municipal Theatre Association of St. Louis, produces annual outdoor show at Forest Park, St. Louis.  The Muny provides different plays every summer, and they change shows in every week. All of the plays are fantastic and beautiful musical show. Moreover, one of the features of The Muny is that they offer “free” seats for early birds; however, it would take a couple hours to wait for a limited free seat. If you are a person who doesn’t like to wait for 1-2 hours to get a free seat or you are a person who wants to sit close to the stage, it would be better to buy tickets.

I had attended The Muny twice, once this summer and once last summer. Last summer, I sat in the free seat section and watched The King and I, which described the story that happened between Anna and the King of Siam. Anna was a British teacher who went to Siam to teach the king’s children. It was a humorous, touching and meaningful play. This year, instead of sitting in the free seats, my friend got tickets so we sat closer to stage this year. We watched South Pacific, which is a love story between an army nurse and a French planter. I really enjoyed watching South Pacific because it was not only one of my favorite musicals, but also the weather was so nice to enjoy sitting outside. It was so fantastic.

I am very happy that I found time to attend The Muny even though I am so busy with classes this summer. Hoping my blog readers could enjoy the beautiful weather this summer. Have fun this summer!

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