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Best Friend’s Back! (and other everyday occurrences)

by Alumni Posts on July 16, 2013

in Extracurricular

Wow, what a long and crazy week it has been. Other than the usual babysitting, baseball games, and tasks that fill my life daily, this last week has held some different happenings.

In the last week, I have decided to get my heart pumping again and stray from yoga and standard dance technique and added running to my workout routine. I have never considered myself a “runner” at any point in my life, but I felt that with dance coming up at the beginning of fall I needed to increase my stamina. I began on Monday with my brother. He’s a “runner,” having participated in track and holding a natural ease for it. He took me through our neighborhood and made sure I made it through. The run was a mile long, a triumph for me, especially in 90 degree heat. I continued to run the route on my own the rest of the week, and although I don’t feel that great during, after the run I feel cleansed. I hope to continue this the rest of the summer and into the fall back at Fontbonne. Got to put those running shoes to good use!

Sadly, this past week was also filled with the death of a family friend. I spent all weekend over in St. Louis celebrating him and the life he held. It was truly beautiful and respectful. His family wanted to celebrate the lives they had with him, and not dwell on his passing. I was amazed by their strength.

The absolute best thing that’s happened in the last week is the arrival of my best friend! She’s back from studying abroad. After weeks of daily emails and one unsuccessful Skype session, I finally get to see her in person. We’re meeting up this week for dinner and a TON of talking. We’re used to spending almost every minute of every day together at school, so I’m bracing myself for quite the reunion.

After a week of ups and downs, I hope this week brings some rest. I’m not sure that it will, but a girl can dream right?

Thanks for reading..

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