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Sure, I’ll do a photo shoot in London

by Alumni Posts on June 13, 2013

in Academics,College Life

One week of study abroad classes down, four more weeks to go! Although, it’s not like I’m counting down the days I have left in London. I don’t want to rush this amazing experience. The course that I’m taking is called “Styling Fashion.” This is not a class offered in the fashion merchandising program at Fontbonne, which is one of the reasons I decided to take it at Regents School of Fashion and Design. I was nervous that the teacher was going to be really intense, but she is absolutely amazing. She is very cut-throat, but extremely knowledgeable, fun, and fabulous. There are 13 students in the class, which is nice. Coming from Fontbonne, I am used to having a small, intimate setting like this.

I was assigned to complete six photo shoots by the end of the term. Each one will have a theme that the student can be creative with in terms of styling, directing, photographing, etc. The shoots can take place in the campus studio or anywhere else out in the city if one decides to do so. Just in the first two class periods, we have traveled to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Wallace Collection for inspiration (both of which contained stunning exhibits). The first shoot is called “Paper Whiteout,” in which I must construct a garment using only white paper. The second one is called “Deconstruct/Reconstruct.” For this one I will cut up a couple t-shirts and turn them into something completely new. After that I will do photo shoot called “Mood Food” and use any kind of food to make a garment, accessory, or whatever else my heart desires. Additional projects include “Weekend City Shoot,” Tribes,” and “The Rest is History.” The last one entails picking a famous icon, then emulating that icon in a modern way. I am extremely excited to be working on these assignments. I love hands-on projects, so this is definitely right up my alley. But this does not necessarily mean it is easy for me. I am still being challenged to use limited resources with a limited budget. One thing that’s not limited is creativity. Nobody can restrict that.

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