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Away from the Midwest

by Alumni Posts on June 26, 2013

in Extracurricular

A few weeks ago I went to Colorado to visit my boyfriend and his family. I was there for two weeks, and it was great. I saw some sights that I have never seen before and some good movies. Unfortunately, like last year, there were some forest fires while I was there. That is the thing now, every time I go to Colorado over the summer there is always a fire. I’m glad we were not affected by it, but I pray for those who were. My favorite thing we did when I was there was when we all went to the baseball game and then immediately afterwards, we went to see Man of Steel. I am a huge Superman fan now. Of course, before I saw Man of Steel, I watched the original Superman. I loved both. Now I cannot wait for the next time I go back to Colorado. It was good to get away and spend it with people I love.

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