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Is this London life real?

by Alumni Posts on June 10, 2013

in College Life,Extracurricular

It’s still hitting me that this is my life right now. A few days ago I arrived in London to study abroad this summer. It’s hard to believe that this dream is now a reality. I have already seen and done so many amazing things, and this is only the beginning! My class starts tomorrow, so that will be when the studying experience begins. So far it has just felt like a vacation. During my first weekend in London, I explored numerous neighborhoods and markets, dined at pubs (as the British call most restaurants), visited the Fashion and Textile Museum, and went on a walking monument tour. One of the main attractions that I saw on the tour was the Tower Bridge of London. As I witnessed the iconic and beautiful architecture of the bridges, castles, and stores, it was hitting me more and more that this setting is going to be my lifestyle for the next few weeks. I feel so lucky to be here experiencing this opportunity.

Speaking of lucky, I also feel grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met and become friends with so quickly. There are about 30 other Regents School of Fashion and Design students that live in the same building as me, and I’ve gotten a chance to speak to most of them. It’s also nice that I have my own room with a bathroom, shower, desk, closet, bedding, etc. There is a communal area and a kitchen at the end of each hallway. This is a neat setup, but it feels weird yet cool to be doing all my own grocery shopping in markets in cute brick buildings with red double-decker buses driving by. I feel like a grown up that lives in London. Oh wait, I AM a grown up that lives in London! (At least I am for now, anyway.)

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