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What’s YOUR Animal?!

by Alumni Posts on May 30, 2013

in College Life,Extracurricular

It all started this past December before exams. Fellow blogger Carly and I were discussing the ever-important question, “If you were an animal, which animal would you be?” (I should mention here that, yes, we both understood that we, as humans, are animals in the evolutionary sense; hence, we were referring to wild animals during our lengthy discussion.) Anyways, a day or two later, Carly emailed me an official online quiz from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) telling you what your inner animal is.

After submitting your email, the quiz gives you a few short questions about your lifestyle and physical characteristics. Then, it quickly calculates your animal. I was super excited to find out that I’m a tiger.

So by now, you’re probably wondering how legit this quiz is. Well, if you answer honestly, I think it’s pretty realistic. Here is the description that accompanied my animal:

“You are quite a striking and rare individual. You appear to be warm and cuddly but the soft exterior hides an iron will. You prefer a rather solitary lifestyle. You are comfortable in a wide variety of environments and definitely prefer the quiet of nighttime.”

Scary, right?! I mean, that description pretty much describes me in a nutshell.

And then randomly this past Tuesday while at my internship, we started talking about Columbia, Missouri, and inevitably about the Mizzou Tigers. I proudly exclaimed, “I’m a tiger!” and quickly began explaining what I meant by that. By the end of lunch, almost everyone in the lab had discovered their animal selves. You can see our own little “zoo” in the photo below.

…And I would be very mean if I were to end my blog without giving you the link to this awesome website, so here it is. But be warned- it is VERY addictive.

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