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Spring Break- Snowing Break?

by Alumni Posts on April 8, 2013

in College Life,In Saint Louis

Mar 24, do you think it is spring? Probably not for the St. Louis area this year.

Last Sunday (Mar24) we got a heavy storm snow in the St. Louis area, and the depth of snow was 10 inches. My friend and I tried to drive to church to join the service, however, it was so hard to control the car and we saw many serious car accidents after we drove just 10 minutes. We decided to go back home after we tried to drive 10 minutes, since safety will be the first priority. At least, we tried.

It was my first time to see snow at the end of March. Isn’t it supposed to be Spring?

According to the National Weather Service in St. Louis, we got 12.7 inches of snowfall Sunday at Lambert International Airport, MO.  Moreover, this late season snow event broke records. The last time it snowed this much in March was over 100 years ago. 12.1 inches of snowfall on March 24th, 1912.

Should kids say “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?” Apparently not for March this year.

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