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Here we are with just six weeks of school left and there’s so much still to be done. However, I don’t want to blog about the future this week but about the past. Last week was Fontbonne’s spring break, and I spent some time in New York City with the lovely fashion merchandising program!

I spent six days in The Big Apple, and had a blast! Our days during the week were full of rewarding and inspiring study tours, while the nights and weekend were free for whatever we wished. Prior to the trip, my roommate and I planned out pretty much every detail of our stay, so we knew what our free time would consist of. We did so much in those six days and it’s so difficult to say what I enjoyed the most.

My favorite morning activity had to be walking the Brooklyn Bridge. On Sunday morning, my roommate Carly and I took a stroll from downtown to Brooklyn. The weather was absolutely beautiful with clear skies and lots of sunshine. We could even see the Statue of Liberty from a distance. It was nice to begin the day with a peaceful activity, and to take in the sights that the city creates from a distance.

Saturday afternoon was dedicated to museums, and I think that would be a my most memorable daytime activity. We went to the museum at FIT and saw exhibits on boots, fashion and technology, and shoes. Later we went to the Museum of the City of New York, which had a “New Housing for New Yorkers” exhibition as well as one on fashion. The Metropolitan Museum was next, where we looked at “Fashion, Impressionism, and Modernity”.

One of the most memorable study tour visits was with Elaine Gold, a woman who has been in the business for 70 years. She gave the fashion merchandising students a lot of useful knowledge and advise! Carly and I also took in a Broadway show Friday evening, which we both loved. This trip was the experience of a lifetime. I cannot wait until my next visit!

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