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This Wednesday (April 17), I’m glad I joined a very meaningful event in the Lewis room, of the Jack C. Taylor Library at Fontbonne.  “Professional Branding and Marketing Presentation” was a special event to teach people who to market their business by social media.

Before we listened to the presentation by our speaker, Michelle Nelson, we had a “Networking Happy Hour,” which means all participants got some food and chatted with each other to build their personal network. For me, it’s also called a “social hour.” When I arrived at Lewis room, the first person I met was our speaker, Michelle Nelson. She was very nice to me. I feel so honored that the first person I met is our professional speaker who has been working for over twenties years as a marketing specialist. She spent some time to chat with me about my school life and my future career. Then, we exchanged our Facebook information with each other, of course, she’s a marketing person. After talking with Michelle, I got some chances to talk with our excellent alumni, faculty, and students. I really enjoyed this happy hour, since I made many new friends there, and ate some delicious food, of course.

After finishing the networking happy hour, everyone paid attention to the marketing presentation by our speaker, Michelle. She taught us how to use our social media, especially Facebook and pinterest, to market business. Moreover, she also told us how her clients have been successful to build up their business by social media. I really liked this presentation, since this information is very useful.

There are many useful resources that Fontbonne offers to alumni, faculty, and students, such as this event. I really need to say thank you to the Student Alumni Association for inviting Michelle to come to our school to give us a very useful presentation.

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