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Grasping Opportunities

by Alumni Posts on April 14, 2013

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This past Friday, I was honored to be among the Novus International Scholars at the 5th Annual Novus Science in Action Day. I received a scholarship from Novus, a research corporation, and as part of that scholarship, I was invited to the day-long event during which we listened to the wisdom of speakers, learned about the work that Novus does, and took a trip to the butterfly house in Faust Park to meet the entomologist and take a tour of the lab and butterfly conservatory there.



As promised, here is some more fun info and insight about this day.  (See my next blog post entitled “So Much to Do, So Little Time…” for info as to why I’m commenting on my own blog here!)

What really stuck out to me today was that I need to grasp every opportunity that comes my way.  It can be really scary to branch out and do new things, but that’s something that you need to do in life in order to succeed.  How should you do that?  Do something crazy.  Take an internship at a place that you think is really cool.  Take twenty-semod hours in a semester and reflect on what you learned.  Volunteer at a place with a cause that’s near and dear to your heart.

From my internship, I have a new friend who is from South America.  He graduated with a degree in microbiology, and now he is in the United States to better his English.  I think he’s extremely brave for leaving his country and everything that is familiar to him in order to better himself.  And though I haven’t left my country (or even my home, for that matter) in order to take advantage of opportunities available to me, I feel as though I’ve been getting a lot better at taking risks that could benefit me in the future.

Another important thing I learned from Novus is that it’s okay to not like something.  In fact, if you take a job or internship and end up not liking it, that experience will be as beneficial – if not even more beneficial – to you than a job or internship that you liked.

In short, try new things, don’t be afraid, and get yourself out there.  You’ll be okay.  🙂

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