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My First Snowman

by Alumni Posts on March 4, 2013

in Campus Community,College Life,Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

Snow, Snow, and Snow—this weather is not only for St. Louis, but also for most of the states in the middle part of the United States.

Last Thursday, we got a serious snow, the depth of the snow reached my knees, and I couldn’t walk easily even though I wore snow boots. It looks so dangerous to walk and drive. I didn’t have internet for 72 hours at my apartment after the snow. However, it was a blessing in disguise. My friend and I got a chance to make a snowman after it snowed. Even though the weather was so cold outside, I felt so excited to make a snowman with my friend because I’ve never made one. Not like in St. Louis, where there is a lot of snow in the winter, in my home country, Taiwan, we only have a snow on the highest mountain, it’s hard to touch snow and play it.

My friend and I made a hat for the snowman, we were just like kids. Also, we used a carrot and soybeans to be the snowman’s nose and eye. Isn’t it adorable? Actually, the cold weather made my friend’s and my hands freezing, but we still felt excited to make our snowman, since it was so much fun. After a half hour, we made a very cute snowman finally, but it looks like a puppy. We named him Carben ( Carrot+ Soybean). You might ask me why there is a lot of food on the snowman. Let me tell you, it’s because I’m a dietitian, and my classmate is becoming a dietitian, too. Does it make sense?

In the last minutes, we put our name on the snowman, to show it was made by us. I really like my first snowman, because it was my first time to make one, and I made it with my friend. I’m hoping you’ll like it.

By the way, we put our snowman (Carben) closer to Fontbonne, so don’t forget to say Hi to this snowman if you see him. Hoping you’ll have a good winter. Happy snowing!

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