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The Fall

by Alumni Posts on March 17, 2013

in Academics,After College

I guess you could say that I hit the ground running as soon as I began as a freshman at Fontbonne over two and a half years ago. My first semester, I took 18 credit hours, with classes such as general biology, general chemistry, and intro to statistics. Since then, I’ve never taken less than 18 hours per semester, and there have been times when I’ve been enrolled in upwards of six science classes per semester. Call me crazy, but I’ve always looked forward to a challenge.

This afternoon, I made out my fall 2013 schedule. Let me tell you- I was shocked by how different this semester will be for me. Gone will be the days of sleepless nights due to chemistry, molecular biology, and the like. Instead, I’ll be finishing up some gen eds and theatre classes for my theatre minor. Instead of multiple bio classes, I’ll only have one “official” class, immunology. (However, I’m definitely hoping for some department research and independent study courses!) I should have a lot more time since I should only have classes two days per week, so I’m hoping to get an outside internship in a research lab and possibly work more hours at the Science Center.

All in all, this coming school year will definitely be a new experience for me. I hope I’ll be able to use my extra time to better my lab skills, to better my abilities to interpret primary research articles, and to prepare myself for graduate school and life beyond Fontbonne.

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