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I’m Dreaming of a White…Easter?!

by Alumni Posts on March 24, 2013

in Academics,In Saint Louis

Ah, yes. Spring break. Time to catch up on some much needed rest, get back on track with homework, and enjoy the beginning of the new, refreshing season of spring.

So why is there a blizzard blowing outside my window??

We are only into the first weekend of our spring break, but, so far, it just doesn’t really feel like spring. St. Louis is expected to have up to eleven inches of snow. And we are just one week away from Easter! As all of my friends know, I’m not very happy about the snow. Actually, I despise snow. I prefer snow-less weather when I can wear shorts, a light sweatshirt, and flip flops.

But even so, I guess the snow isn’t so bad overall. I’d rather be able to spend my spring break outside in the nice, sunny weather, but, at the same time, I have a ton of homework to do. Before school resumes, I need to finish my physics term paper, study for two tests, dig deeper to learn all I can about developmental cell communication mediated by glypicans, and get caught up on biochem. If the weather were perfect, it would be much easier to procrastinate. So, in short, I guess that all snow clouds have a silver lining. I just wish that snow would end right around Christmas time, or, more preferably, that it just would stay in the world of Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye’s tap dancing paradise.

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