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I’d like to take this opportunity to dispel a myth of sorts that exists regarding college athletics. I feel that when most people think of hardcore, elite, watch-worthy teams, the only schools that come to mind are places like Mizzou, KU, Notre Dame, Duke, etc. – the big name Division I teams, basically. I would agree that these teams are legit, for sure. I mean, they’re paying scholarships to all their best players, so they certainly ought to be.

But when you’re looking for an enjoyable battle on the court or field, don’t forget about small schools like Fontbonne! We may not have the mad skills that other schools do, but we certainly have the drive and desire to win. I really enjoy taking advantage of as many athletic events as I can at Fontbonne – especially because they’re free! So when I feel like kicking back and watching a little basketball, I don’t have to shell out for tickets. Score. And it’s always an enjoyable time, no matter what the outcome. And that’s totally a win!

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