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What Goes Around Comes Back Around

by Alumni Posts on February 11, 2013

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Well, I’m sure I talk about this subject every year, but it’s worth mentioning again – it’s Recyclemania time!! From February 3rd through March 30th, Fontbonne is in a nation-wide competition with other colleges to see who can pound for pound recycle the most. Our output is weighed each week, and we get to see how we stack up with the other schools as the contest progresses.

Now I won’t lie – Fontbonne’s recycling program is still rather in its infancy, and I would be pretty surprised if we blew anyone out of the water right now. However, we are doing better each year we participate, and the contest is a great excuse to publicize our recycling facilities! (Kind of like what I’m doing right now).

Also, we’ll be having a few activities – I have some neat-o giveaways, surveys for people to take, and there will be a recycling scavenger hunt later in March. FUN FUN FUN!!

Anyway, I strongly encourage you to be extra aware of your trash vs. recycling output these next few weeks, and you can help us make a difference! Because even if we don’t win the competition… any recycling we do is a win for the environment!!

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