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Fontbonne University

Snow Day!

by Fontbonne University on February 22, 2013

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Hello everyone!

Wow, isn’t it a beautiful day today? Aside from the scary ice and snow hanging around, I hope everyone is warm and safe out there.

It was pretty unexpected to have a day off, but at the same time, it was also expected. Anyways, I was able to sleep in a little more than usual because I’m always up early for school or for work. Earlier this week, I was so busy and was so caught up in things that I felt like I was going to go crazy. I slept pretty late and had to get up early which made me even more tense and tired than usual. Of course, I don’t usually let myself get agitated to the point of treating people in a negative way. As for my day off, I guess it was okay. I caught up with homework for the most part. Oh, it was also nice to just be home with the whole family.

Today, both of my morning classes were unexpectedly cancelled! I came to class and a few of my classmates were already there, but our instructor didn’t show up. After ten minutes from the start time, we all got up and left. During that time until my next class, I just posted flyers around campus for one of my student organizations. If you’re wondering, they were flyers for Fontbonne In Service and Humility (FISH)’s Open Meeting next Wednesday. If you like to get involved with volunteer opportunities, service trips to other cities/countries, and planning fun events, then please join us! 🙂

Now back to my other class. Again, my classmates and I were waiting before the class time but outside of the room. One of the security guards came by and told us that our instructor was stuck in his driveway (poor guy). He said that he probably won’t make it but didn’t clarify whether class would be cancelled or not. We were thinking Seriously? and asked if we should just wait. The security guard calls him then he went to talk with the biology department. After about five minutes, a woman came and asked us if we were BIO 108–we said “Yes”–she asked “What time does class start?”–we said “11:20”–she asked “What time is it now?”–we said “11:25”–then she said “Okay, go home.” So basically, I have no classes today (bummer). I still have work-study, so I had to come to school anyway.

Overall, enjoy your day and be safe. Don’t be too grumpy about classes being cancelled or not. I actually hope that my instructors are okay, too. Have a great weekend!

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