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Snow Day!

by Alumni Posts on February 22, 2013

in College Life

My first official college snow day is today! Although I only have one class today to be cancelled, but I still spent some of yesterday evening glued to the TV as a ten year old would waiting for snow cancellations. Campus wasn’t actually closed until 5:30 this morning, but what a great message to wake up to!

With my roommate gone for the weekend already (she was smart and left before the monstrous amount of snow came), I will use this chunk of free time to get ahead with my schoolwork and have a productive day. So far so good. Assignments that I will be given early next week are in the process of being completed. Most people take snow days as an excuse and opportunity to be lazy, but I shall use mine to get things done!

I absolutely love snow. It makes everything look so pristine and white. I would venture out to enjoy the snow, but it looks just too cold outside and would hinder my productivity. I’d rather stay in my toasty warm dorm room and watch the snow with a cup of hot cocoa. My only worry at the moment is getting around tomorrow. I originally thought we would get a few inches of snow, but it looks more like 6 inches at the moment and the freezing rain has yet to begin. I don’t know if my little VW Beetle will make it tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Until next week..

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