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I love it when hard work pays off.

by Alumni Posts on February 4, 2013

in Campus Community,Extracurricular,Organizations, Activities & Events,Our Causes

Wow. I’m speechless right now thinking about the fact that I’m already a SENIOR in college in my last semester of undergraduate school.

I also can’t believe how quickly time has zoomed by! For example, I remember when my fellow Fontbonne friend Lara and I had just decided that we wanted to have a Benefit Concert focused on Human Trafficking/Modern Day Slavery sometime last semester. And the concert just happened on Friday. Crazy!

Of course, Lara and I have spent a lot of work on this event and we’re so relieved that we went through with it.

Like any event that I plan, I always worry about how many people are going to show up. However, why not take a risk once in a while? I never know what might happen until I try. As much as I would have loved the whole city of St. Louis at our show, the crowd who did show up was intimate and inviting. Plus, we raised at least $279 for The Red Thread Movement and The Covering House! How could we not be happy?

Not to mention that, but the performers were all local and lovely!

I’m definitely thankful to have had this opportunity to express my passion for social justice through being on FISH (Fontbonne In Service and Humility) and to have such a supportive community around me!

Peace, Love, & Freedom For All.

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