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Fontbonne University

A New Experience…

by Fontbonne University on February 4, 2013

in Campus Community,College Life,Extracurricular

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope all is well for everyone this spring semester. My blog today is about my very first trip to Washington, DC for the March for Life that I attended last month. One thing: it was a huge motivation for me as a pro-life supporter.

Everyone knows about abortion. Everyone will say either pro-choice or pro-life. It’s a truly complicated debate, isn’t it? Before this trip, I never really thought about how big or small abortion is. I knew that women have abortions because they can’t have or don’t want their babies. But we know it’s not that simple at all. At least, I’ve learned that it’s so much more than an issue that’s been going on for 40 years now. I usually tell myself that life is precious in many ways, yet it can also be full of struggles and uncertainty. Then there’s the saying “Live life to the fullest,” right? Sure thing.

I want abortion to end sooner than ever. This fight is really important because it’s a painful thing that many, many people have to go through. Of course, I’m sure there are other cases that most people would argue: “What about rape?” I understand that circumstance, but does it make sense to abort the child because you may think the child is a punishment caused by the rapist? There are children living out there who were conceived from such crimes, but they can grow up to become wonderful people.

Adoption is always the better choice, too. I’ve met many people who were adopted and they are really great people! One of them is my dear friend, Andrea Artz, who is a currently a senior here at Fontbonne. Some ofย  you may know her. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is also the President of Fontbonne Students for Life, and the one that motivated me to become a more active pro-life person. Another exciting thing to mention is a book call “Courageous” written by Kristin Hawkins, the President of the Students for Life of America—and Andrea is featured in it! If you get the chance to, read this book. It’s truly inspirational (I still need to finish it, but it’s good so far!). If you are Pro-Life, we would love to meet you!

Thank you for your time. Have a great day!

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