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The Four Year Plan

by Alumni Posts on November 5, 2012

in Academics,Career Paths,College Life

It’s that time of year again…. Advising Week! Everyone has to meet with their advisor to plan out what they want to take next semester and get approval to register for classes. Although it hasn’t always been easy to fit together the classes I want to take into my schedule, I do enjoy Advising Week. It probably helps that I’ve got such a great advisor! She is always there to give advice and help me decide which classes are right for me. Since I knew from the beginning what my major would be (dietetics!), I’ve always had a rough “Four Year Plan” of what courses I should take when. The only hard part is making them all fit together! But she’s been great about making everything work.

So here’s my advice about Advising Week: If at all possible, come in with a plan of what you want to take. It really does make the appointment go a lot smoother! I know that not everyone has settled on a major or decided what they want to do with their life, though, and that’s okay, too. The whole point of Advising Week is to give you scheduled time to help you figure it out. And if you have a great advisor like I do, you’ll be just fine!

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