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A Place Called Vertigo

by Alumni Posts on November 26, 2012

in College Life,Faith

Have you ever experienced Vertigo? It is like a non-stop ticket on the tea cup ride. When I was a kid the tea cup was my favorite ride, as an adult, the vertigo tea cup ride could certainly go away.

I get vertigo at times when I’m stressed, the weather changes, or I’m tired. The past couple of weeks I could answer yes to all the reasons. I am blessed with two kids who try to help me out around the house and even type for me so I can blog, do my homework, etc.

The one blessing in all this spinning is that I’ve been able to have my kids in the kitchen and try to teach them to cook. I’ve done this many times before but usually wind up taking over- yes, I’m a little controlling in the kitchen. Right now though, I have no other choice but give directions and let them go for it. It gives me a new perspective for the week about my kids as I see them work away. They have really grown into their person with different thoughts, personalities, etc. from mine. My daughter is meticulous in all she does, she has great faith when it seems life is lost, and loves through her service to others. My son is pensive, quiet, and tries for accuracy but at times is not. He is determined to help, loves the Lord, and has a tender heart for his family, friends, and animals.

This week I’m thankful to God for both Emily and Dale. I’m thankful that God gave them strong, capable minds, attitudes, and beliefs. I pray in the coming years that God strengthens them in their faith but also in their ability to serve, love, and strive for their dreams.

Thanks for being a blessing to me by being a part of my extended family in blogland.

May God bless and keep you and bring His peace to your hearts-


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