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My first Halloween night in the United States.

by Alumni Posts on November 6, 2012

in College Life,Extracurricular,Organizations, Activities & Events

In Taiwan, Halloween is not a traditional event in our culture. Therefore, this year was my first to see the real “trick or treat” at my American friend’s house. My friend bought candy and decorated her house to prepare for Halloween, and I felt so honored she invited me to her house to see the very traditional Halloween which I never saw in Taiwan.

When I finished classes last Wednesday, I went to my friend’s house to cook together. I saw the clock was 5:30 pm already, and I was so excited to wait for the kids to knock on the door and to say “trick or treat.” However, I was so sad that no kids showed up. We still waited until 7:00 pm, and a little girl with 2 boys knocked on our door and said trick or treat! They also told me some jokes which I had no idea about it. How adorable they were!

After 7:00 pm, there were so many kids who knocked on the door that we couldn’t sit down to enjoy our dinner. However, I still felt so excited when I heard the kids knock on our door, because their costumes were so cute! Also, their jokes were so adorable, even though I couldn’t remember all the jokes they told me. A lot of times, those kids didn’t remember the jokes, so their parents reminded them, it was so charming!

I really loved my first Halloween in the United States, because I had a good time with my best friend here and also saw over 20 kids who trick or treated. I didn’t realize how much fun Halloween night is until this year.

For this Halloween, I did not only just wait for the kids to knock on my friend’s door. I also prepared some jokes to welcome them. Here were my jokes. Enjoy them.

Joke 1: What does Tweety Bird say on Halloween?

Answer1: Twick or Tweet

Joke 2: What song does Dracula hate?

Answer2: You are my sunshine.

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