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Last Wednesday (Oct 24) was the nationwide celebration for FOOD DAY 2012. There were so many cities that celebrated it together, including St.Louis.

The spirit of Food Day is to promote eating “real food” to the public. The mission of Food Day is hoping people can eat healthier, more affordable, and more sustainable by eating real food.

In St.Louis, we had many events for FOOD DAY, and you can just search the website for, then you can see many celebration events in our state or any state in the United States. My graduate classmate and I joined the event-gardens to tables- at St.Louis University. This year is the 2ND annual “gardens to tables” food day at St.Louis University. They invited a keynote speaker, Nicola Macpherson, a farmer who owns Ozark Forest Mushroom. She gave a speech about how she took care of her farm and also brought some mushrooms to show us how she cooked them.

After we heard the impressive speech by Macpherson, we moved to the garden in St.Louis and we had lunch together outside. All the food came from their garden, and other local farms in St.Louis area. We ate the appetizers (mushroom with cookie and cheese), entrées (pork or squish), sides (sweet potato biscuits), and desserts. All those foods tasted so fresh and delicious, and all those food are “real food” from farms and gardens, just like the slogan of the Food Day: It’s time to eat real food.

I really enjoyed this event, not only because I tasted many fresh foods from farms, but also I learned a lot from our keynote speaker. I’m hoping everyone can try their best to eat real food in farmers market as much as we can.

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