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An Evening With Sir Paul

by Alumni Posts on November 14, 2012

in In Saint Louis

I love St. Louis for many reasons. This week I am loving that it is a big enough city to host the performance from a Beatle. That’s right. I was a lucky one at the Paul McCartney concert this past Sunday! An evening spent with one of the most legendary musicians in history makes for an unforgettable night, to say the least. Even though The Beatles’ British invasion occurred way before my time, their music has still impacted my life greatly. Thanks to my parents, I grew up with such fun, beautiful, and inspirational music.

Throughout the night, there were multiple songs to get emotional about, especially when Paul sang “Blackbird.” Written during the Civil Rights Movement, it is about keeping faith and hope, even during a dark time in life. When I hear this, I tell myself to never give up, no matter how tough a situation may seem. Everything WILL be alright. It was amazing to hear this live. What songs make you emotional? Surely there are some that really resonate with you.

The overall lesson to learn here is: come to St. Louis. There are ALWAYS exciting events going on. (Although, it may be tough to beat Sir Paul McCartney. Just saying.)

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