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Brace Yourself

by Alumni Posts on November 13, 2012

in In Saint Louis

Going to college in St. Louis, you should be well aware that the weather changes quite frequently! The past couple of days the weather has been fairly bipolar. This weekend was absolutely gorgeous outside! I loved driving with my windows rolled down, and my music blaring, and being able to wear my shorts again! It was a nice break from the fall temperatures. But within the matter of hours it went from sunny and hot to raining and freezing! Then today, it was a shocking cold! I wore my Bear Paws (Knock off Uggs) yoga pants, a hoodie, and a scarf! It was too cold! If you choose any school in Missouri, be prepared for any season’s weather, not during it’s own season! Don’t be afraid of this either, cause it allows you to mix up your outfits a lot more frequently! You can have clear, blue skies one day, and snow the next and I wouldn’t change it for a thing! I love St. Louis’ bipolar weather!

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