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Taste of St. Louis

by Alumni Posts on October 4, 2012

in College Life,Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

Last weekend, there was a big event called “Taste of St. Louis” at Soldier’s Memorial in downtown St. Louis. It’s a really meaningful annual event that not only included delicious food, but also offers cultural art and outside music, which let customers feel relaxed on weekends. The following four parts are the interesting activities to me:

Part 1: Food Testing- It’s the biggest reason I went there with my friends. For we (customers) just had to pay a little money, then we can eat many delicious food that were made by different famous restaurants in St. Louis metropolis area. Take one of my friends for example, she spent $2 to get  ribs from Pappy’s, and I only spent $5 to buy a sirloin beef sandwich from Ruth’s restaurant. I really liked this event because I can try many different kinds of international food at the cheapest price, such as $ 4 for a bowl of Pad-Thai, $3 for a slice of cheesecake, $5 for a sushi roll.

Part 2: The Culture of Wine- in Taste of St. Louis, the No. 1 popular event is for food, and the No.2 popular event is for a lot of wine. You can buy “wine tickets” to taste all the wines in this event, and they also will tell you the story and the background of this wine you tasted. I was so amazed the exhibits are of wine is more than I can imagine it.

Part 3: Chef Live Show- It was so amazing that visitors can see a live chef show in this event, so we saw chefs were cooking in the open kitchen and some TV was reporting on them. Isn’t it neat?

Part 4: Outside music and games-They also offers live bands to make the public feel relaxed. Moreover, the sponsor of this event offers some interesting games to let you get some souvenirs to go back your home. Moreover, there are a few car companies offer a chance to let you get a new car few months later. I’m hoping I’ll be the lucky Penny to get a free car.

Although the weather was so cold last weekend, we still had a good time in Taste of St. Louis because we ate a lot of delicious food with using a little money. It was really a beautiful food culture day.

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