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The Spot for a Day Complete with Clumsiness

by Alumni Posts on October 22, 2012

in Academics,College Life,In Saint Louis

This week has begun to be perhaps one of my clumsiest, most forgetful of the semester. In a time such as now I look for a moment of peace where I can clear my head of all the “blonde moments” that have taken place in the day. Most of the time this occurs in my room over animal crackers and coffee or during yoga, but I do have one particular spot on campus that rids my mind of embarrassing moments and prepares myself for the rest of the day.

I like to relax in the outdoor area of the DSAC, in the Griffin Grill. Fontbonne has tables with umbrellas that look out onto the meadow and the rest of campus. Here I usually eat lunch, do homework, read a book, or simply people watch, but it is somewhere with peace and quiet. As an added bonus, the space is not very big and never crowded so I feel as if I can have my relaxing moments to myself while absorbing some warmth from the sunlight.

In this favorite relaxing spot of mine I can forget about sitting an hour in traffic, trying for hours to sync an iPod with a charge only cable, not getting enough sleep, sewing a skirt wrong sides together, and many other embarrassing, careless moments of my life.

I do hope this week becomes less clumsy and accident-prone, but if it doesn’t I know my spot will always be there for me to decompose. Well, at least until winter arrives.

Until next week…

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