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Saudi National Day- It was a national event hosted by all the students from Saudi Arabia.

Our president, Dr. Golden, and the host of this event, Saeed who is an international student from Saudi Arabia, delivered a speech for opening this event at Fontbonne.

At this event, they offered the traditional delicious food and cultural art of Saudi. Also, you can see most Arabic people wear their formal cultural dress, it was so fantastic. If you’re interested in their clothing, you can have a chance to wear their traditional clothing and take a picture with them. One more popular thing is they make a tattoo for you; tattooing is a very important art to their women. At the Saudi National Day event, they offered a free service to make a temporary tattoo, which will disappear in 2 weeks.

After I ate their food, I found they ate a lot of lamb. It’s not common to eat lamb in our country, so I was so excited I saw so much lamb in this event, and it was so delicious. I need to say it’s the best lamb I’ve eaten. Moreover, their pita bread, hummus, greens and rice were also so yummy!

At Fontbone, the biggest population of international students is Saudi Arabian students. Before I went to Fontbonne, I had no idea about Saudi; the only one thing I know is there is a lot of oil in their country. However, since I have arrived at Fontbonne, I made many friends from Saudi Arabia, and they’re all so nice and friendly to me. I really like to talk with them and hang out with them.

Like this event, I feel so honored I was invited by Saeed, and I felt happy I was there to join their national day together. There was so much fun in this event. I’m looking forward to joining it next year.

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