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Halloween season is upon us again, and Fontbonne is giving me plenty of fun things to look forward to. One thing that is particularly holiday-related is the Fall Festival, which is happening on the evening of October 25th. The Fall Festival is an event that unites a bunch of Fontbonne student organizations in providing activities and food for students looking for an enjoyable Halloween-related evening.

Perhaps you’re wondering if the Environmental Club is one of the student organizations involved in the event? Naturally!! We will be doing a thrift shop costume contest. Next week we’ll be making a pilgrimage to GoodWill outlet to pick up a bunch of outrageous clothes and accessories, and they will be available at the Fall Festival for everyone to create costumes from. THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION!! Prize for the best one! Who needs to spend a bunch of money on a silly costume you’ll only wear once? Be thrifty AND environmental – make a costume from second hand clothes and stuff you already have. Your wallet will thank you, the planet will thank you, and you’ll look tons cooler. I guarantee it.

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