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Fontbonne University

My Other Person

by Fontbonne University on October 31, 2012

in College Life,In Saint Louis,New & Future Students

“What do you mean your other person?” That may be the question that comes to mind when you see my blog title. Well, if I haven’t mentioned it, I have a twin sister name Mary.

Mary and I have been together ever since we were conceived within our mom’s womb. Through thick and thin, we always support and motivate each other. We’ve been through troubles together, whether it’s family, friends, or even school. We share the same beliefs, tastes, ideas, and talent. By talent, I mean we’re both artistic. Now, I would admit that Mary is actually better than me when it comes to drawing. I can draw, but I do better when I look at pictures than by imagination.

Mary is also my best friend. The bestest friend ever. We argue sometimes, but we’ll never stay mad at one another. It’s just not meant to be. I can’t see myself being apart from her. Right now, we attend different colleges, but we still live together. There are times when I wish we attended the same schools again. Yes, it’s really fun to have a twin sibling. I love hanging out with her, like going out to eat, shopping, watch movies, anything! And we don’t hesitate to spend money on each other, either. Ha ha.

Along with that, I had a good weekend with Mary. On Sunday, we had brunch at her work, Winslow’s Home (located on Delmar and Midland), and it was delicious! The food is prepared fresh everyday and is organic, too. Afterwards, we went to our mom’s shop to “work” but we mainly chilled and worked on homework. After that, we went to Aldi’s and bought groceries for the family. Yesterday (Monday), Mary got her new car! Our awesome mommy hooked her up. It’s a red 2010 Toyota Rav4, and it’s beautiful. It’s a used one but in good shape. 🙂 Mary was so happy. Then she came to my school right after I left class so we can go watch a movie. Her friend, Khanh, met up with us, too. She’s also Vietnamese and a pretty cool person.

I thought we were going to watch Paranormal Activity 4, but we ended up choosing Taken 2. Mary paid for the tickets ahead of time since we were early. Then we realized we were hungry, so Khanh paid for some Charley’s Subs. Good stuff. The movie was pretty awesome, too! Loved it. Mary just needs to watch the first one now. 😀 Khanh wanted to hang out a little longer before she had to pick up her boyfriend. We weren’t sure about what to do, but then I mentioned that our sister, Nikki, still wanted a costume, so we decided to go to WalMart. We picked one of the characters from Monster High (since Nikki wanted that) then Mary decided to buy new shoes and a new wallet, too. After paying for those, we decided to go home. We bid bye-bye greetings to Khanh and headed home.

Overall, things have been going pretty well. I just love my twin so much!! 🙂

Family is ALWAYS important. That’s all I would say. Have an awesome week!

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