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Les Mierables at The Fox

by Alumni Posts on October 26, 2012

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Last Friday, after an unbelievably stressful week, I had opportunity to see Les Miserables with my friend Lucy at The Fabulous Fox! Naturally, I created a Les Mis playlist on Pandora and played it all week leading up to the show!

Like any respectful theatre go-er, I requested dinner before the show! We parked near the Fox and ate at the restaurant across the street from The Fox. The wait was terrible, but the food delicious! It gave us time to reminisce about our time in Germany over the summer, and theatre people watch! One of America’s Great Past times– People Watching!! It was chilly that night, I’ll admit, but some people had on heavy winter coats, then some girls had on skimpy shimmery dresses! Come on people! But I digress.

Once inside, you could feel the magic of Les Mis!! The image projected onto the curtain was full of blues and grays to hint at the undertones of the musical! The singing was incredible, the actors voices made it sound like they had quadruple the number of voices! Which, in theatre, is remarkable and the desired outcome!

Throughout the musical, which was more like an opera because there was not speaking whatsoever, (JUST SINGING!!) you could feel the anguish, pain, and despair of each character. This musical quite literally sucked me in, and held my attention and emotion the entire four hours!! PHENOMENAL!!

Now I want to go back before it leaves! It was that incredible!! And to think, the movie comes out in less than 2 months! So much Les Mis!!


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