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Alumni Posts

Great Expectations

by Alumni Posts on October 30, 2012

in Campus Community,College Life

The thing that surprises me daily about college life that I never anticipated is two-fold. The first part would be that I am a non-traditional student. I went to college the first go around as an 18-year-old freshman and then left my junior year. I started back to college within the Pathways program which was a long awaited answer to prayer.

The second part of my expectation was that I would be considered too old and wouldn’t be able to focus because I would have to juggle my job, family, and school. I have found the professors, my advisers, and the Fontbonne community to be full of support. I have to say that I never think of myself as an outsider based on my age, personal struggles, or goals. Fontbonne has shown me that I have family beyond the boundaries of miles or being face to face with instructors and staff. Fontbonne has given me a sense of belonging and community.

Blessings on your week- Sherry

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