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Hello Everyone,
I have been lagging with consistent, on time, blogs, but this week is full of good things (besides those Monday Blues)! One cause that is great and is a focus this week is “Fat Free Talk.” This means that you and those around should eliminate “fat talk” in conversations. You know the phrases “I am so fat today” or “this shirt shows off my fat too much!” Anything that is a negative comment towards one’s body is BAD!! No one should say such put downs so casually. One thing Fontbonne did in support of “fat free talk” is that the organization, FISH, took weight scales and decorated them. Scales are bad news bears! It is hard to come off a scale and be happy with the result. Decorating the scales is just one way to say “I do NOT need something in my life that just makes me feel bad all of the time.” I recommend knocking some sense into anyone dissing his or her own body. If you do not like your body, then have a change in life style. The important part is that you want the change. Not someone else telling you that you need to change. Complaining through “fat talk” will only discourage any motivation to improve health. “Fat talk” is not good and needs to be stopped. Saying “I am fat” to “you are so fat” never comes with a positive result. So stop it and jump on board to a positive, fat free talk way of life! This cause was emphasized this week, but is something that is ongoing!!!

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