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Have you ever heard about college day? I had never heard about it until last Tuesday. Tuesday, October 4, was the 2012 downtown college day for St. Louis.

Downtown college day is a one day event for all college and university students in St. Louis area. In this event, students enjoyed the downtown restaurants at student prices, and got a free pass for visiting City Museum. But students had to show their student ID to get all of the specials gifts during the college day.

Of course, I did join this event with my friends at Fontbonne even though I had classes on that day. After classes, we took the metro to City Museum. I’m so excited because it was my first time to visit City Museum.

When we arrived at City Museum, I was so surprised they also offered free dinner to all the college students who visited city museum. There were so many fresh and delicious foods there, including beef hot dogs, different kinds of pizza, cheese burgers, French breads, many chips and beverages. The most important thing is they had a drawing for an iPad, a hotel ticket, and football game tickets for three lucky students who had registered for this event on-line. My friend was one of the lucky students who won two free tickets for a football game, so we will attend the football game next month.

After dinner, we went around the city museum. In my opinion, I think the City Museum is a playground instead of a museum. I really love their design, they use many recycled materials to build up a playground for kids and adults. My friend and I just looked like we went back to our childhood. We kept playing and laughing without any reason, just for fun.

I really had a good time with my friends during this event. How lucky we are, we’re so happy we got a free pass for the City Museum, free dinner, and free football game tickets just because we joined the event for downtown college. We’re sure we will join this event next year, because it’s so much fun there.

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