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As those of you who’ve read my previous blogs of this semester know, I am a St. Louis Sciene Center volunteer.  I absolutely love the Science Center, and I’ve been all excited about two of the newest limited engagements.  One of those is a traveling exhibit called “Wildlife Rescue,” which is an awesome, interactive exhibit about orphaned animals and conservation efforts that help save those animals.  The other is an Omnimax film called “Born to Be Wild,” which is, as of last Saturday when I first saw it, my favorite Omnimax film of all time.  (It took the place of “Everest,” which was my previous favorite Omnimax film of all time.)

Yesterday, some BSO members went to the Science Center to see the Wildlife Rescue exhibit.  It was a really fun time, especially since last week was full of tests, quizzes, and midterms.  It was also a great experience because the Wildlife Rescue exhibit really coincides with the BSO’s theme of this school year, which is “We are all connected in the great Circle of Life” (which is lovingly derived from that famous scene where Mufasa shows Simba what will one day become his kingdom in the epic movie “The Lion King”).

If you’re looking for a fun afternoon trip that’s only about ten minutes away from campus, I totally suggest that you go see both the film and the exhibit.  In fact, if you show your Fontbonne student ID, you’ll get a discount.  I think I can speak for all of the BSO members that were present in saying that we had a “roaring” good time.  If you go to the Science Center and see the movie and/or the exhibit, I can assure you that you will have a “roaring” good time, too.

~ Me, Mary, Steph, Amanda, and Kaniz at the Science Center ~

Check out the “Born to Be Wild” trailer!  But beware – you’ll fall in love with the adorable baby animals!

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Erica October 24, 2012 at 11:52 am

The awesome thing about Fontbonne and the “Born To Be Wild” film is that the Fontbonne Students/Faculty/Staff who went to Africa with FISH (Fontbonne In Service and Humility) this past Summer actually got to go to the Elephant Orphanage that is featured in the movie. How cool is that?

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