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I’m a Belieber

by Alumni Posts on October 30, 2012

in Extracurricular,In Saint Louis


That is a day that I looked forward to for so long. I had been counting down for over a hundred days. What happened on this marvelous day, you might ask? The Justin Bieber concert! He performed this past Saturday at the Scottrade Center, as a part of his “Believe Tour.”

Yes, I must admit that I caught an extreme case of the Bieber Fever.  I’m sure you’ve heard about some of those crazy Justin Bieber fans (a.k.a. Beliebers) that stalk his tour bus, wait in line for hours, scream non-stop, and cry just at the sight of him. Well, you can call me a “Belieber,” because this describes me exactly. I own more Justin Bieber products than you can imagine. Posters, wall decals, CDs, DVD, life-size cardboard cutout, doll, bottle, singing toothbrush, perfumes, laptop case, shirts, jewelry, key chain, pillow case…you get the idea. Considering all this, it is an understatement to say that I had  fun at the concert. His unforgettable show blew me away. The singing, dancing, instruments, special effects, wardrobe, etc. Everything was amazing. When I woke up Sunday, I had to watch the videos I recorded to remind myself that his talent is real.

If you plan on watching the Justin Bieber movie/documentary anytime soon, “Never Say Never,” I’m giving you a fair warning. It has the potential of giving you the Bieber Fever. For me, this fever is an incurable obsession.

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