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America Culture- Baseball

by Alumni Posts on October 18, 2012

in Extracurricular

This week, everybody on campus is talking about baseball, because the St. Louis Cardinals are playing to win the championship for the National League. In my opinion, baseball is a big part of American culture. People have so much passion about baseball, and they are willing to explain the American baseball rules to me.

But what’s the meaning of NLB, MLC, ALC, and WS? Do you get confused about American baseball terminology? I got confused when I arrived in St. Louis and watched a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. Then, I learned baseball terminology from my friends.

For those who don’t know about American baseball, here is some basic knowledge about the American baseball game: In the United States, there are two leagues in Major League Baseball (MLB): one is the National League (NL), and another is the American League (AL). Each league sends 4 teams into the postseason. The Cardinals are one of the baseball teams in the National League.

The Cardinals won the World Series last year. Before gaining the World Series (WS), there are two rounds to determine which team will be the champion this year.

In the first round, it is called National league division series (NLDS) and American league division series (ALDS). The two winners from NLDS and ALDS go to the next round and the two losers go home.

The second round is called the League Champion Series (LCS). NLCS for national league champion series, ALCS for American League champion series, where the two remaining teams in each league play each other. If the Cardinals win this round, they will be the National League Champions. This is what the Cardinals are playing right now. That’s why St. Louis people are so excited now, because we are proud of our Cardinals, and we want to see them go to the World Series.

The last round is called the World Series (WS). When the two league champions play each other, the winner will be the World Series Champion.

The St. Louis Cardinals were the WS champions last year. I’m looking forward to hearing some good news from Cardinals this year. I’m hoping the Angry Bird (St. Louis Cardinals) can make the miracle happen again.

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