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Hello Everyone!

As I begin to type this blog I realize it is the last item on my to-do list, and the day is not over yet! I will take this brief moment to congratulate myself and any other people who accomplished all the “do’s” on their to-do lists. It’s nice to be productive for once.

This week at Fontbonne began with some mildly cold weather, and I have to say I am not fond of it at all. I still need two more weeks of summer weather please! However cold it was today, I soon forgot because today at Fontbonne was another Pet-a-Pup event and Wellness Fair. I got the opportunity to meet and adore kittens and dogs from the Animal Protective Association of Missouri. I cannot wait for them to come back again in a few months!

I have already had a somewhat busy week at school, and it is not over yet. Tom0rrow, I will start training for the Fontbonne Student Ambassador’s group. I am excited to become such an integral part of Fontbonne and potential students’ decision-making processes. As a student ambassador, I guide students through campus and let them know how amazing Fontbonne University is. That shouldn’t be too hard! Later this week Fontbonne is hosting a movie night in the meadow, and I plan on attending. There have been a few of these prior to this week’s, but sadly, I have not been able to go. I hope it’s not too cold.

The cold weather does allow for hot chocolate and campfires, so I am not entirely upset that it looks as if it’s here to stay. I plan on cozying up to a campfire with a blanket and a mug of hot cocoa this weekend. What a great way to end a very productive, somewhat busy week!

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