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President’s Night!

by Alumni Posts on September 13, 2012

in Campus Community,Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

Yesterday, I had a good night because it was “President’s Night”, which is a Fontbonne event welcome to international students. At President’s night, our President, Dr. Golden and his wife, Monica, invited international students to come to their house and eat dinner together. I felt honored I had a chance to join this president’s night, and every international student had a great time because we made many friends there.

In the special night, we had a very delicious dinner and conversation not only with our president and his wife, but also with all the international students and friendly staff who work in the international center and student affairs. During the President’s Night, you can have a chance to make many friends with different students from different countries, and also have a chance to eat many delicious international foods, such as pasta with hummus, chicken with peanuts, and beef with sour cream.

When I joined the president’s night yesterday, I found out we have many international students from different countries, such as Japan, France, Taiwan, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, and China. Isn’t it exciting to see students from different countries and states?

I want to welcome these international students and students from other states to join the Fontbonne community, I know you’re not alone even though you came to St.Louis by yourself, because Fontbonne is a big family. Here, you will make many good friends to support each other. Good luck to your new life at Fontbonne.


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