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Polish Wedding

by Alumni Posts on September 11, 2012

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What do you think about when the wedding subject gets brought up? Well, I think about love, family and faith. Saturday, my cousin Amber got married in Pocahontas, Illinois, at a small country winery. I have only been to a handful of weddings that I remember, and now that I am getting older and to the age of getting married, I have been getting invites in the mail every month it seems like. My beautiful cousin found her Polish honey, Stan, two years ago and sparks flew. If anyone has seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, my Saturday evening was very similar to that. Polish families have customs for big events such as weddings. The speeches and the dancing and the singing were something new to me and my family. The speeches were long and full of laughter, and, might I add, I couldn’t understand most of them because half were in polish tongues. The dancing was like ring-around-the rosie with a table of people in the middle.

Last but not least, the singing consists of toasting and taking shots of homemade vodka. I got a little taste of what their faith and family is about, and I hope they got a taste of ours as well. There were so many moments in my night when I was crying I was laughing so hard. They are going to share a beautiful life together, and I couldn’t be any happier.

“Even though your family is oranges and my family is apples, at the end of the day we are both fruit……”

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