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This semester is a dedicated semester — Foodology: the Culture, Economics, and Science of Food. Therefore, there are a lot of interesting events to explore about the food we eat every day.

Last Saturday, I joined the dedicated event for “Plants as Food,” which was a day tour of the Botanical Garden in St. Louis. In this event, we had three tour guides from the Botanical Gardens who led us around the vegetable and fruit garden. They showed us many fruit bushes and trees, such as strawberries, apple, kiwi tree, etc. I’ve never seen a kiwi tree before; it looks awesome.

Moreover, the bee keeper told me many facts about bees. I can’t remember all of them, but I was surprised that each honey bee produces about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. After I heard this fact, I know I need to cherish the honey I have in my home.

What most impressed me was a corner in the Botanical Garden called “PLANT DOCTOR,” which is a very convenient service to offer people, to let them ask the plant doctor about their plants. The best thing is this service is FREE to visitors.

The Botanical Garden is a really pretty garden, and it’s the biggest garden I’ve ever seen. I really liked the event for “Plants as Food” because I’ve learned a lot about food from their tour guides: vegetables, fruits, herb, and honey. It was so much fun there.

If you missed the events about the Botanical Garden, don’t worry about it, we still have many events to give you a chance to explore food. Please check this website if you’re interested in foodology:

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