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Good morning, people!

Today, I just want to talk about how my week went. When I thought about it, I realized how busy I am. Isn’t that awesome? (Sure, sure.)

On Monday,  I missed two of my morning classes so I could take my dear mother to the doctor for a check-up. It’s been a while since she had one, and she hasn’t been feeling well. Before that, I took my younger sister, Nikki, to school then I had to drop off my psychology take-home quiz into my professor’s mailbox (I didn’t want to lose points!) on campus. I got home and we got ready to go to the clinic, along with my baby brother, Avin.

The clinic is Family Care Health Center, and they are wonderful. Everyone was friendly, the services were great, and the doctor was truly generous. The nurse who helped us was Chauntae–who is my twin sister’s boyfriend’s mom–and she is awesome. Anyway, after the whole check-up and all, mom turned out to be okay. She just needs to rest more, but we’re going back next month so Dr. Glick can tell us if there’s anything wrong. Oh, and the kind doctor actually gave Avin a little surprise: a blue car toy. Lucky little guy 🙂

So then, we got home and I had to do a few things around the house and all. Eventually, my twin sister, Mary came home from school then she took me to school for my afternoon/evening class. That’s all for Monday. For Tuesday, I took my algebra test. I did pretty decent, I guess. But that’s nothing special. Afterwards, I just went towards Medaille and saw one of my friends, Rayne. We chatted for a bit then I saw Ben, another friend of mine. We all just talked for a bit then Rayne left for her class. Ben and I went to DSAC for lunch, and he told me he was going to take a few international students to the galleria so they could buy formal attire for the President’s annual dinner reception. Exciting! So I asked him if I could tag along since I was free. So we went around 2pm. The students we went with were Jun (Maple), Ricki, and Robert. They’re actually some of the international students we have. When we got to the mall, Maple and I separated from the guys. I helped her pick out a dress and shoes. It took a little while because it was hard to find the right stuff. Finally, we went back to school for our FISA meeting (sadly, we were a bit late, but we made it!). We played a little game call The Name Game. That was pretty fun 😀 Afterwards, another international student name Gerry did a presentation on his home country, Mongolia. Now that was educational! Unfortunately, I had class so I left before he could finish. Better than nothing though.

That same night I went to the Interfaith Group night, then I had my FISH meeting! Isn’t that something else? By the time I was done, it was already 9:30pm. Wow, oh, wow. Now, I usually park near the shuttle bus parking lot, so I had to get a ride with Angelica, FISH’s president. Thank goodness for her help! Then I picked up my mom from work. That’s all.

On Wednesday, the main thing was FISH’s tent event for water crisis. Right after I dropped Mommy and Avin off at work, I had to go to Schnucks to buy 4 boxes of capri suns for the event! I thought I was going to miss class though. Luckily, I made it 🙂 The tent event went really well. The event was focused on world water crisis, which specifically points toward other countries who don’t have access to clean water. Our plan is to collect old shoes from people to send to the Shoeman Water Projects organization so they can fund those shoes for water projects that could help those countries get cleaner water. Hopefully we will get a full bin of shoes! The bin is located right outside of Student Affairs office. We would really appreciate everyone’s help!

Thursday and Friday weren’t really much, so don’t worry about them (ha ha). I just went to classes and had to work after classes on Friday. Today, (Saturday, September 15th) my cousin, Lena, had a birthday party for her daughter, Jaelynn. She is now 3 years old! The party was at Chuck E. Cheese, so it was really fun to watch them play. My younger siblings, Nikki and Avin (9 and 4 year olds), won a total of 250 tickets! Very nice, eh? I took plenty of memorable pictures. So there you have it. I had a pretty busy, but fun week. Thanks for letting me type so much! :)) Hope you had an awesome week as well!

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