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I Love Foodology

by Alumni Posts on September 24, 2012

in Academics,Athletics,Campus Community,College Life

This year’s dedicated semester is fantastic. I get to take a great cooking class and go to awesome events with “food” in the spotlight. In my most recent cooking class, we learned how to make egg drop soup, spring rolls with our choice of chicken, crab or veggies, and a nice dipping sauce to go along with it, rice with peas mixed in, and cucumber salad. It is so fun to prepare and cook as a group and then sit down and eat as a group! You totally feel like a chef because the conversation is obviously about the food that you just made from scratch,  the process, and what worked and what didn’t! It is a foodies’ paradise, and I love it.

This week we are making Hummus Sandwiches and Butternut-Quinoa Soup!!!! I love all of those foods and get really, really excited just thinking about it! We are doing variations of hummus so there will be 4 or 5 different options to taste and try! SO excited! I will definitely give updates and possibly even pictures of the food that my class continues to create throughout the semester!

The Foodology events have been great as well. So far, I have seen King Corn, which is an eye opening documentary that you can find on Netflix about corn and how it is in EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding. Also I find it extremely disturbing that the farmers who are growing the corn cannot even consume it! It is inedible! Since when do farmers grow food they can’t eat straight from the ground!? Crazy stuff, check it out. Weight of the Nation: Children in Crisis was another eye opening documentary about how obesity is consuming children and how school lunches are probably the cause. Scary stuff for sure!

I also went to “Nutrition for Improved Physical Performance” by Jennifer McDaniel and she was so knowledgeable and a really great communicator. She is a stud and works with the whole spectrum of athletes from elite to moderate. She is an athlete herself who runs marathons and half marathons and loves her job. Basically, I want to be like her.

This event just touched base on what to eat as an athlete, elite or otherwise, and how to properly fuel your body and also how to eat for recovery, which is a really important part of recovering from the previous workout to do your best at the next workout. There were a lot of dissecting of MacroNutrients and MicroNutrients and the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbs in meal planning. As an athletic person I really enjoyed what she had to say and the information she provided. I have also been loving the Taste Tests that are provided on Thursdays from 11:30-12:30, first floor in Ryan Hall. I have tried plantains, which taste like potato to me, and Kale, which I already love.

If you couldn’t already tell, I love this dedicated semester and I am soooooo not sorry if my posts are consumed by Foodology events and flooded with cooking class pictures — I have to talk about them somewhere. It will be awesome!


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