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Intro to Carlyn!

by Alumni Posts on September 11, 2012

in Academics,College Life,Organizations, Activities & Events

Hello! My real name is Carlyn, but most people call me Carly. Either one is fine. This is my first year blogging for Fontbonne. Here’s a brief description of my life. You’ll learn much more about me and my quirkiness as the year progresses.

I am a sophomore majoring in fashion merchandising. The clubs that I’m involved in include Environmental Club, SHESA (Student Human Environmental Sciences Association), Fontbonne Student Ambassadors, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Worship Group. I am also an intern for Janelle Densberger, the director of student activities. For fun and exercise, I am signed up for a Zumba class. I also am interested in  joining the Quidittich team. How awesome would that be?!

I chose to go to Fontbonne for many reasons. One, they offered my desired major. It has been a hobby of mine to put outfits together since I was 11 years old. I still can’t believe I get to study that kind of stuff and the fashion industry now at school! I have worked at Gordmans since my sophomore year of high school and just have a blast doing the displays and mannequins there. Anyway, I also chose Fontbonne because of its location. I love that I can live on campus and experience the dorm/college life and still be close to my family in St. Peters, Missouri. Plus, St. Louis has some awesome places to shop! Additionally, I love that Fontbonne is very small and a Catholic school. It’s great to personally get to know your teachers. Last, but not least, my grandma attended Fontbonne in the 1950s, so I have a family connection here.

I think I’ve done enough blabbing for now. I’ll save some more exciting stories for later!

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