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Inspiration on Campus

by Alumni Posts on September 17, 2012

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There are so many people around campus who inspire me. So many that I won’t even mention them all, I will just highlight a few.

As far as teachers go, this semester I have a pretty awesome range of teachers! I have my favorite math teacher for the third time, Mrs. Graves! She is awesome! She is really good at explaining problems, and let’s face it — Calculus might as well be a whole new language, so it helps a lot to have a great teacher. She is constantly pushing me not to give up when I can’t figure a problem out, and she’s always willing to help when any of her students are having trouble.

I have two great education teachers this semester. The first is Sr. Rita (whose class I have just after I finish this blog…) She is the nicest lady you probably will ever meet on campus! She is constantly smiling and so positive about everything! Her energy for teaching all of us about the Philosophical Foundation of Education just reminds me why I chose to become a teacher! My second education teacher is Carey Tuckey — she is such an amazing teacher! I have learned so much from her class already. She teaches a class for all secondary education majors, and we attend class on Brentwood Middle School’s campus and hear from some of their teachers, as well as help out in classrooms. She has so much knowledge, and so many different ways of teaching instead of constantly doing the same thing. It’s my favorite class this semester, even though it is my longest!

Other than the teachers that inspire me, so do my friends that are so involved in sports, FAB, campus ministry, and so much more! I wish I could manage to be involved in all that, but I just try my best to make it to as many events as possible. Fontbonne makes it so easy and fun to get involved, it’s almost hard not to be.

I hope everyone has a good week, and that there is someone on campus who inspires you too!

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